Hear My Music

performance practicePerformance PracticeNow a Scottish Registered Charity, at HMM we believe that music is a powerful, communicative tool that breaks down barriers for vulnerable people. For people who find language, communication and social interaction a challenge, using music can offer the opportunity to be heard and to find a recognised place in society.

We work with people of all ages throughout Scotland. We set up groups and sessions based on specific needs and also run projects in more formal settings such as schools and day centres.

Participant-led music making is at the heart of every HMM project. By starting each project with no preconceived themes or specific musical ideas, HMM ensures that the participants who have the most complex needs are the ones in control of the musical material.

Projects vary depending on the individuals involved. Our philosophy, however, remains the same. In all projects people who rarely have their voices heard have the opportunity not only to be listened to, but to be the driving force behind the finished product. For some individuals this will require a lot of time and space to become aware and comfortable to take control of musical material and develop intentions of sound and ideas into music. We feel strongly that this is crucial, and any progress, no matter how small or difficult to perceive, is notable. Please read case study W to find out more about this.

These musical ideas, sometimes explicit, sometimes communicated by a minuscule gesture, can be developed through one-to-one sessions and later brought into a group context. Being in control of the musical material used in the group session can give individuals a huge sense of empowerment. This process can help to ensure that individuals who find social engagement challenging find a recognised place within a group.

We believe that everybody should have the opportunity to engage with music, ensuring that no individual is excluded. Individuals who have problems engaging in groups due to behavioural issues, anxiety, difficulties with communication and difficulties with social interaction are positively welcomed.

We feel very strongly that individuals who display challenging behaviour which can present as aggression and violence are often excluded from such opportunities. This is something that HMM feels is of paramount importance. Please read case study P to find out more about this.


Core Values

Below are a set of values that define Hear My Music as a charity. We endeavour to create a space where everyone involved can engage with these values.

hmm core values


HMM Services

At HMM we offer a range of services which are all tailored to the needs of every participant and developed at a grass-roots level.

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